From Unknown to an Iconic Brand

It took us a very long journey and a great hustle. Achieving these heights was not easy at all.

Prafull Bhillore
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Welcome to MBA Chaiwala!

MBA Chai Wala. What is it?

The MBA in MBA Chai Wala stands for Mr. Billore Ahmedabad. When Prafull Billore laid the foundation, he chose the name that people gave us! The MBA Chai Wala. Ever since that day, we’ve become your MBA Chai Wala. From serving a relaxing cup of chai to a mouth-watering Maska Bun, we do it all. But that’s not all that we do. Our existence has a touch of inspiration, and hope attached to it.



Our vision is to see India as the Start-up capital of the world.


Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship in every part of India. We want to serve a beverage of inspiration in the cup of hope.

Our Story

Here’s the journey of MBA Chai Wala and the founder Mr. Prafull Billore in brief.

2017: Refined the goal

Gathering the courage to take a step . It was not easy at all

2018: The Uphill Battle

Started to escalate gradually and things started to look better

2019: Hard work paid off

Finally started first outlet of MBA Chai Wala

2020: Struggle 2.0

Another year of struggle to keep the business afloat

2021-2022: Exponential Growth

When we connected a huge number of people

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Our Chai Wala Parivaar

For any company to succeed, an energetic team that’s ready to give it all is a must. MBA Chai Wala was lucky in this aspect.

MBA Chai Wala is a family of more than 60 people who have given their all to build the MBA Chai Wala that you see today.

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